• Girl On Fire

    Girl On Fire cover
    • Songs in A Minor - 10th Anniversary Edition

      songs in A minor - 10th anniversary edition
      • The Element of Freedom

        The Element of Freedom
        • Remixed

          • As I Am

            • Unplugged

              • The Diary of Alicia Keys

                • Songs in A Minor

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                  Alicia shares an inside view of the making of the “Set The World On Fire” tour!


                  “I was out in LA with my incredibly dedicated team, working hard to pull the tour together. You wouldn’t believe how many components and important details are involved! It can be a little nerve wracking at times wondering if we will make it in time but then I have to breathe and remind myself that we always do. I can’t wait to see each of you in your beautiful cities!” – Alicia


                  Here’s an inside look just for you:




                  Check back for more updates!