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                  Better you, Better me


                  Today is such a powerful day– symbolic of the way we can really do something to make the world closer to the way we want it. So many times it feels like we are stuck and don’t have any control over the world. Poverty is an injustice against our Global family. It denies people the basic right to necessities like food, clean water, health care, an education.


                  I’ve seen it all over the world but up close and personal in Africa with my organization Keep a Child Alive, and also right here in New York City.   No matter where we are, we all face the same struggles.  But we have the power to make the difference!   The power to care about each other! The power within us to make it to our greatest dreams.


                  This song is special to me because it reminds me that we all have everything we need inside of us to become better! Better me, better You!


                  Let today remind us that we belong to each other. If we don’t care, who will?


                  Sending you LOVE!


                  And I can’t wait to see you on stage!!




                  Better You, Better Me

                  Written by: Alicia Keys, Steve Mostyn, Marsha Ambrosius, Ron Haney


                  I look into the mirror

                  And see a different girl

                  Hiding from herself with

                  Not a care in the world

                  Her smile pretends to fool

                  Those she chooses to please

                  If they could only see the tears she cries for help

                  See, I have been that girl

                  Didn’t know which way to turn

                  Then one day I turned to me…


                  I told myself to wake up

                  It’s gonna be a brighter day

                  I just have to believe that

                  My dreams won’t have to wait

                  At times I’ve lost my mind

                  Had to look deep inside

                  And find a way to get over

                  Had to swallow my pride

                  I searched the world for and answer

                  But i’ve been searching too far

                  Because I’ve been here all along




                  I’m here to make a statement

                  My place I’m here to claim it

                  Don’t tell me what my name is

                  I KNOW

                  I’m gonna make it

                  I’ve come to far to lose it

                  Gotta stay focused

                  And find a better me


                  Feels like forever

                  Trying to work it out

                  Sometimes you’re gonna fail

                  And you know

                  Sometime it will rain

                  But the sun will come

                  When u think it’s all said and done

                  You know u see the light

                  And everything is alright

                  You can do

                  Whatever you put your mind to

                  Cause you’re all that you need

                  Like I do just believe




                  You’re here to make a statement

                  You’re place you’re here to claim it

                  You know just what your name is

                  No GO!

                  You’re gonna make it

                  You’ve come to far to lose it

                  Gotta stay focused

                  And find a better me


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