• Girl On Fire

    Girl On Fire cover
    • Songs in A Minor - 10th Anniversary Edition

      songs in A minor - 10th anniversary edition
      • The Element of Freedom

        The Element of Freedom
        • Remixed

          • As I Am

            • Unplugged

              • The Diary of Alicia Keys

                • Songs in A Minor

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                  Get An Exclusive First Listen Of Alicia’s ‘Girl On Fire’

                  Alicia’s upcoming album, Girl On Fire featuring “Brand New Me”, “Girl On Fire”, “Not Even The King” and much more hits stores on November 27th.  As a special thank you to all of Alicia’s fans, she is streaming the full album for you to hear before it comes out!  Listen to the full album below and be sure to let us know what you think using the #AKGirlOnFire hashtag!


                  Pre-order the album on iTunes, Amazon and Alicia’s Official Store today!


                  *Having trouble hearing the music, click here.