• Girl On Fire

    Girl On Fire cover
    • Songs in A Minor - 10th Anniversary Edition

      songs in A minor - 10th anniversary edition
      • The Element of Freedom

        The Element of Freedom
        • Remixed

          • As I Am

            • Unplugged

              • The Diary of Alicia Keys

                • Songs in A Minor

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                  Shazam The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s Final Credits

                  Who’s planning on seeing The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in theaters this weekend? Don’t forget to Shazam the final credits  of Alicia’s new track “It’s On Again” featuring Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell & Hans Zimmer to unlock exclusive content!



                  Alicia to Headline a Special Essence Empowerment Experience at This Year’s Essence Festival

                  Alicia will join with Greater Than AIDS and ESSENCE to headline a special ESSENCE Empowerment Experience panel on Friday, July 4th (specific time to be announced) in New Orleans on “Through Love of Self, Family and Community, Empowering Black Women to End AIDS.”

                  The hour-long program will open with a one-on-one with Alicia about her passion for ending AIDS to be followed by an engaging and inspiring conversation with women whose lives have been touched by HIV and how they responded.

                  The program is presented as part the Empowered campaign, launched in 2013 by Greater Than AIDS and featuring Alicia to reach women about HIV/AIDS and the role we all play in helping to end the epidemic.

                  For more information about Greater Than AIDS and the Empowered campaign, including for more details about Alicia Keys’ appearance at the 2014 ESSENCE Empowerment Experience, visit: www.greaterthan.org/empowered.