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AK Blogs: Daily Inspirations – Why we do what we do at Keep a Child Alive

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Everyday in the month of May, Keep a Child Alive will share a story about a child, mother or family affected by HIV/AIDS and served by our work in Africa or India. Stories serve to move people and help them relate to others personally. There is no better way to explain the life-changing moments that happen at the sites we fund and we are making them available to you. A mother who feared for her child’s survival now has access to the AIDS drugs her child needs or the 14 year old boy who has lost both his parents to AIDS, has to raise his 3 younger siblings and now has the support to care to do so are our daily inspirations. And why we continue to fight for people from our family. Not everyone can journey to Africa and India, so we’re bringing the stories of new life, hope and dreams to you.

With 30 million people dead, 33 million infected and 15 million African children orphaned by AIDS alone, this issue is undeniable. Only 5 million people worldwide have access to life-saving AIDS medication, leaving 10 million still urgently in need of treatment. Universal access to ARVs (anti-retroviral medication) not only brings life back to those infected, but makes possible for mothers to watch their children grow, and to provide for their family back at work. Universal access to treatment will curb the increasing number of AIDS orphans who are left vulnerable and need safety, protection and love. In Africa and India, there is no aspect of human life that is not affected by AIDS today. It divides nations, devastates communities, destroys families and forces children to raise themselves.

Check out our 31 stories each day in the month of May here: Hopefully you will feel the inspiration to help us to do more…and when you do..we’re right here waiting…

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