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A Labor of Love

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As the sticky New York summer starts to cool, Labor Day weekend approaches and all the kids are thinking about is the return to school.

Parties and BBQ’s, swimming pools and the sound of a child screaming with glee. The last weekend of this summer goes with a mixture of reflection, the taste of blues, nostalgia and excitement. Hard to believe, the summer is done, and I find myself thinking a lot about how my life could be…

My kids could be growing up in places in the world, where my every day is trying to figure out how they can escape. Perhaps it could be me, whose child was face down at the edge of the sea.
Often makes us say enough.

As Labor Day gets closer, I remember what it is, and what to tell my kids. With so many holidays, I gotta give it context and tell them…

“This is a holiday created in honor of working men and women. Just like your Momma and her Momma and all the hardworking ones, even the generations that never got their due, who helped make this country what it is today.”

We’re all out here working hard. Trying to find our way, looking for togetherness
A country of beautiful immigrants.

For without the brick maker, the brick mason couldn’t build the wall, that eventually becomes the bedroom, where we lay our head.

And without the steel maker, the mechanical engineer couldn’t make the machines, that all too often shoot us dead.

We are all connected. I wish we’d act more so….

I read that beautiful Khalil Gibran poem, On Work, and it says:

And what is it to work with love?
It is to weave the cloth with threads drawn from your heart,
Even as if your beloved were to wear that cloth.
It is to build a house with affection,
Even as if your beloved were to dwell in that house….

Work is love made visible…
For if you bake bread with indifference, you bake a bitter bread that feeds half a man’s hunger.
And if you grudge the crushing of the grapes, your grudge distils a poison in the wine.
And if you sing though as Angels, and love not the singing, you muffle man’s ears to the voices of the day and the voices of the night.

These words are powerful to me.
Reminding me to do everything with Love.

So on this day, celebrating all the work that’s been put in to make this country what it is, I want to remember all of the dreams that have been in our hearts, and the hearts of those before us.

Even the forgotten ones, who fought for a better, more just land. Cause that’s what makes us great! To believe we can and act upon it.

And even though it’s painfully obvious we have so much more work to do..
If we work hard, with love in our hands..
And wear it like a badge on our shirts..
And look at each other as if we are blind..
Then maybe we won’t forget that we are all woven into the fabric that built this country.

Brick by Brick, we all co-create this nation that was founded for Liberty, Equality, Life and Happiness.

May we always remember
So we can make it what it should be…