A letter from Alicia

| From Alicia

Dear Friends,


It took a long long road to get here… and I’d like to welcome you all to my newly redesigned website— or as I like to think of it, my little corner of the internet 😉


Grab your computer, take your favorite place on the couch and explore!


This website is the center of everything going on in my world and my way of connecting to you in one place. From my music to my experiences and thoughts, I want you to be a part of my journey every step of the way.


I’ll keep you updated on everything that’s going on through pictures, posts and videos.  I’ve also added some really great features to make the site easier to navigate… I hope you enjoy discovering all the new things.


Those of you that have been with me from the very beginning probably remember the journaling I would post on my first website. With this new site, I hope to take it back to places like that again where we can connect in different ways.  For those of you that are new to my world, I’m looking forward to creating and sharing memories with you.  Either way, I love you all and am grateful to have you in my life and visiting my corner of cyberspace.


I want to thank my incredible team for being so magnificent, getting this new fly site together and working so hard to make it special for me and you!


Have fun, spread light and keep checking in.


With love 4ever,