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Spring in New York

Spring in New York sets the tiger in me free! There’s an excitement I feel (obviously we all feel displayed by the instant appearance of shorts and shirtless-ness) that makes me instantly claustrophobic. Immediately I want all walls to dissolve and I just want to find a bench to sit on, a pier to walk on, a bike to ride or a highline to stroll. I start to make crazy plans for all of us to go places on the weekend and find things about NY that we’ve never seen.

Really, spring in New York gets to me. Even if it’s been spring-like all through this winter, the reality of spring arriving gives me a smile bigger than I had before! Everything feels brighter even, that nuisance issue I’ve been dealing with that I can’t wait to be gone, somehow I see… a light, an end.

And even if not, who cares, I’m happy, it’s warm. I have on a fly light leather, and the breeze across my face feels like a ride in a drop top. Life is good. Even in the concrete jungle.