Dear Brazil,

| From Alicia

I’m in love with you. No wonder you cast a spell on all who come here and inspire so many songs to be written about you and so many stories to be passed down about you. I arrived a few days before my shows because it was my husband’s birthday and we have really been able to get a taste of you.


This fantastic colorful place! It is so ALIVE here! Dogs barking, laughter out of every window, music that is beyond infectious, beautiful paintings on street walls, even the sounds of fireworks, all lend to this electric place filled with the collective breath of life!


So far I’ve seen the Cristo  lit up as the sun falls, made Brigadeiro at new found friends’ homes, tasted the most delicious food made of coconut sauces, listened to Samba out of the mouths of women and men who give you chills, witnessed Capoeira on the streets of Centro da Cidade, discovered the Brazilian sounds of the 70’s, met some of the most phenomenal street artists in the world today (thanks to my husband who is also intensely affected by your vibrant culture), and have hugged the most passionate, and life loving people I have ever known!


I feel at home here! The heat is my companion, the music is my inspiration and I thank you all for welcoming me to this phenomenal place and putting my mind in a whole new space. I believe this is just the beginning for us, beautiful Brazil.


The beginning of a meaningful remembrance!


I look forward to being friends for a long time.


With love and gratitude,