| From Alicia

My last flight before it’s time to settle into one place and wait for the baby to arrive is to Glasgow to perform WE ARE HERE at the MTV EMA’s! There is nothing like performing this song pregnant. I bet the new baby will arrive singing it! LOL! This is the babies’ anthem, mantra even. It is the answer I pray we can teach our kids, that we are here for all of us!


We are here to see the similarities in each other. We are here to appreciate our differences. We are here to love every accent we hear and color we see. We are here to know that no matter where we live, where we come from, or who we worship—we all bleed blood, feel pain, yearn for love and deserve to live.


So, as I land in this cool little city called Glasgow, wearing a long black coat and signature black hat, it makes even more sense as to why we are here. We’re all coming here from all over the world to congregate, and celebrate our ministry of music and all of its styles, forms and expressions because somewhere between all those lyrics and melodies is our collective life. The one we live together, the one we breathe together.


I arrived a few days early to really settle into the energy of Glasgow and to make sure the baby and I got the proper rest. I discovered a city that may be small in proximity but has no shortage of heart, love and enthusiasm! The people here are incredible. Everywhere I went, I felt like I was in a room full of friends!


At rehearsal I was so happy to be performing at the intimate O2 Academy. There’s nothing like an intimate performance for me. To see every face and be able to look in each other’s eyes makes for the MOST unforgettable moments. I couldn’t help but do a few more songs and even have a super special guest from Scotland join me!!;-)


Man, I’ll never forget that night!


The city was electric with EMA madness and it was fantastic to be a part of all the excitement! When it was time to perform WE ARE HERE, I felt a connection between us that was almost surreal. And that’s the thing about this song. It equalizes us. And no matter who we are, or where we’re from, we can all feel it!


Somehow I felt it more powerfully than ever that night in Glasgow. All of our hands in the air, swaying and feeling the music, the message and knowing that we are all here for something so important, so powerful and so possible if we all just sing at the top of our lungs!!!


Thank you for sharing with me Glasgow, that there is no limit to what we can do, especially when we do it together!!


May all of us trust the crazy little voice inside of us and join the We Are Here army! The more voices, the more powerful!!


Can’t wait to see you again.


Sending massive love,