A Holiday Message From Alicia…

| From Alicia

It’s late as I write this. I’m sitting on the couch with some other late night family members.


We’re all doing our own thing. I’m thinking about how peaceful I feel and how grateful I am for this time of year when everything slows down and you get to appreciate the stillness. Knowing your email inbox is not going to be as busy,  your phone not as ringy, your mind not as cluttered…


I’m really needing this right now.


I put Egypt to bed and come down by the fireplace to write in my journal. I’ve promised myself that I will write in my journal more consistently. Otherwise, days pass and there’s no way to recall all the little things that make a memory unless you catch it right there and write it down (or unless you have a supersonic memory).  As simple as that sounds, I think that might have to be my New Year’s resolution.


I want to continue to live fully- Break any chains that may hold me back, reconstruct any limiting thoughts, open my heart wider, deeper, bigger, farther, higher!

The more open I make myself, the more I open myself to understand, the more my heart can hold and then the more it can receive. I’ve learned so much already, yet I have so much more to learn. There is never an end to that.  And thank GOD for ability to always grow.


I hope you are well! I hope this year has filled you with a better understanding of yourself, of what means something to you, what moves you and in which direction you want to travel!


I hope in this coming year, we can all open ourselves up, not be so quick to judge, so quick to hate, but instead,  be quick to love, quick to hold, quick to listen, quick to try, quick to change; morphing into our best self.


I hope you are enjoying some good old fashioned peace and even if not in every moment, at least recognizing it in the small moments that present themselves…


I know I am right now….


Happy happy happy happy Holidays! Wherever you are! And may this new year be what you’ve always dreamed of!!


God bless you and your family,


With love,