I’ll Be Home For Christmas

| From Alicia

All I want for Christmas is to be home with my family!

Here I am lying next to my son watching him sleep. His 3rd Christmas. Yesterday someone asked him what he wanted for Christmas and he said, “A jingle bell.” LOL! I thought that was the cutest answer ever!

After this long tour, all I want is to be home, standing still, enjoying the company around us, listening to cool, soulful Christmas songs, making dinner together and sipping on festive holiday treats 😉

The house is buzzing with laughter and music, the sent of pine, Lil Egy helping us hang decorations and baking cookies. Man! Isn’t that the pure memory we all go back to recapture each year? The best in all of us. Knowing that everything else can wait for a moment and we can solely focus on loving each other! This holiday, I’m in love with the simple concept of active listening. When your having a conversation with someone you love, to really listen to the words they are saying just as they are saying them, instead of putting their words through your own filter of misunderstanding, judgment, guilt and fear…. It’s strange but true, since all of our perspectives are seen through a prism, slanted by our own experience. Sometimes it’s so easy to misunderstand the truth of a conversation.

Active listening means saying to the person, “So if I understand you correctly, you just said…” Giving them the opportunity to correct your understanding if for some reason you’ve misinterpreted their words. It sound simple, and maybe obvious, but I’ve found that this practice really makes a difference in how I communicate and takes much of the misunderstandings away. I know I’m not alone when I experience those kind of misunderstandings especially around the holidays when all our families get together!? Man! It can sometimes feel like dodging bombs! Am I wrong fam ???!!! 😉

But this simple gift, of really choosing to listen to each other, uncovers the truth of each other. And that’s all we all want is to be understood. Try it. Tell me if it works for you.

My New Year’s resolution is to be more conscious of the time I take for myself. I want to recommit to my 20 minute meditations so they can be consistent. I want to create extra time for my personal practices like journaling, piano, guitar and not feeling guilty about spending time with myself to hear what’s in my head, my heart, my soul – to know myself more completely. As a mama, I find this becomes harder and harder. You try to fit everything in for everyone you love, because where else do you want to be, but with those you love. But what ends up happening is you somehow put yourself last. You lose that precious time with yourself as well… so that’s what I’m working on! How about you? What are you working on?

I hope you are finding the joy in these moments. In these few days we all get to disconnect and be together, I hope you are feeling the love inside of yourself that you can help give to others whether you know them or not. I hope you can feel the limitless potential of the new year just like the fresh start of every day we wake up to.

I hope you know I love you and I’m grateful for you…

I hope you have the most beautiful holiday that fills you with peace and knowing that love is the truest gift in the world and all we’ll ever need.

Blessings to you and your family,

Love always,