One Last Holy Night

| From Alicia

The holidays are one of my favorite times of the year. The weather changes, the trees are bare, people feel more loving and giving, family is the most important thing. It seems like the whole world becomes better.

I love how it lingers on even after the New Year.

If I could have the perfect holiday it would be One Last Holy Night. I would have my family there and we would prepare a beautifully nourishing meal of all of my favorites: sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese, lemon sole, salmon, sweet corn, greens, cabbage, cornbread with honey, stuffing, and a big fat juicy turkey that makes the house smell warm and cozy and loved.

The difference with this holiday is that my 2 grandfathers would be with me to celebrate. My Grandpa Augello, a man I’ve never met, would be joyous and host the occasion by being the dj of the party, just as he was in life. He’d play all different styles of music, things I’ve never heard, that he had in his collection and laugh and dance with my grandmother (who wouldn’t be in a wheelchair as she is now), my mother and I.

My other grandfather, Fafa, would be there as well and when I’d arrive, he’d meet me at the door and tickle me with his beard stubble. I’d laugh and kiss him and then he’d go off joking with my beloved Nana. Eventually he’d find his way to the back room and start watching the baseball game and clap his thunderous clap that would echo throughout the house, bewildering everyone in it’s way as to how one man’s clap can be so loud!

Before dinner we’d say grace together holding hands and looking around at the generations between us, each one of us sharing a feeling of gratitude swelling within.

After dinner we’d talk about all the things my grandfathers missed. The things in my life, in their kids’ lives, and in their wife’s lives. I’d ask them how things were when they were younger and listen intently to every word. We’d sit and watch an old black and white movie together and eat kettle corn snuggled close on the couch. Later, I’d show them the new songs I’m working on and watch their eyes smile as I sing. After the song my Fafa would say, “That’s my girl!”

Self love, that shines so bright, that without even knowing it, everyone is in love with you.

I wish you that one person you can call and cry with, laugh with, scream at, and get screamed on, because there is nothing that you can’t say to each other.

but most of all, if for some reason all of those things mentioned fall apart; I wish you the self confidence, belief and faith, to know that this is not

It would be my perfect holiday, filled with love and sentiment, time well spent, caring. Lots of fun, happiness and gratitude for having my Grandfathers near me one last time and being able to say goodbye for the first…