| From Alicia

I wrote this song one afternoon in LA when I was feeling deep desolation; Desperation even…. I’d just lost my grandmother and I felt so guilty about it, so hurt and full of emptiness. I’d run away to LA to clear my head and to not have to be in NY with all my memories.

One morning these lyrics started circling around me.

“Grandma, used to say nothing before its time. Used to say that world would be mine so I should just have faith. She showed me everything in this life is for free. Change is one thing that is guaranteed, so I should just keep pace.”

The song kept unfolding around me Words about victory and fear Doubt and triumph. How I was meeting them on the road through the journey of my life And which would win? It was exactly what I was asking myself. I couldn’t feel my own power at that moment so I talked myself through it, just to feel better.

Fast forward to now and the word power is something that I’m thinking of more than ever. What is power and what makes me powerful?? I also can feel myself stepping more into my power by realizing who I am, who I’m not, what I love, what I don’t, identifying in which ways I want to grow and which ways I want to stay just the way I am. Stepping into my power by asking myself, who do I want to become?

It makes me wonder, when did men like Martin Luther King and women like Coretta Scott King step into their power? When did they realize that they could be the voice for those that felt ignored and misunderstood? When did they realize that they could help lead an entire generation to trust and believe in the greatest possibility and fight for it altogether with no apology!?

I feel the power!! It was inside of MLK and Coretta! It was inside of our mothers and fathers! It’s inside of you and me! It’s inside of all of us! Are we ready to step into it??