| From Alicia

Prince was a gift, a genius and a reminder that we have no limits.

Perhaps the most tremendous thing Prince showed us is how music can be the closest expression of freedom. His songs defied all the rules and taught us to let go of boundaries placed on us by the world and by each other.

The only person who can keep chains around us and box us up is ourselves. He never gave in. I’m grateful for his example. I’m that much more free because of Prince.

I hope he’s found his place where he can create endless magic, mystery and music forever. The power in his songs moved me always. His music left me changed forever. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, there is only one Prince.


Watch Alicia’s remarks below from when she inducted Prince into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004:

“Let me just begin, there are many kings. King Henry VIII, King Solomon, King Tut, King James, King Kong, The Three Kings; but there is only one Prince.

Only one man who has defied restriction, who’s defied the obvious and all the rules to the game, mysterious figure.

Who, when a river of words will not suffice, can only be identified by a symbol.

Whose music is like an internal rollercoaster that takes each individual on their own separate, legendary ride. And still takes listen after listen to discover and uncover even half of the story behind the intriguing and unapologetically addictive beat of music.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, there is only one Prince. There’s only one man who is so loud he makes you soft, so strong he makes you weak, so honest you feel kind of bashful. So bold he defies you to be subtle, and so super bad he makes you feel so super good.

He’s the only man that I’ve ever seen that lights a stage on fire, leaving you to burn within it in a frenzy of movement, lights, electric guitars, slides, pianos, dancers, voices, splits and songs.

Oh my god, songs so powerful that you are forever changed, songs that make you laugh and cry, think and dance. Songs that made me look at song writing as stories that are untold passions dying to be heard.

Because of him, I’ve never wanted to be like anyone else but myself and because of his music, my music has wings to be different.

He is the inspiration that generations will return to until the end of time. So yes, ladies and gentleman, throughout history there have been many, many kings, both real and mythological. They have born sons, but none of them can touch the rays from this man who stands alone.

A man that I am tremendously proud and honored to help induct into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame tonight because now it is forever changed.

Ladies and gentleman, I want you to get on your feet and I want you to pay homage to the one and only Prince.”