We Miss You, Prince! “How Come You Don’t Call Me” Tribute

| From Alicia

On April 22, I performed a secret show in New York. That morning I found out that Prince had passed away. I froze. Couldn’t believe it. Still can’t. That night, the only way I knew how to cope was playing music. Every single Prince song is magic, but one song in particular means a great deal to me.

When I was recording my first album before many of you even knew who I was ;-), I got a chance to record a song called “How Come You Don’t Call Me”. After I recorded it, I found out that I had to ask the songwriter if I could put it on my album. The songwriter happened to be named Prince… and the songwriter had never allowed anybody to sing that song before. Butterflies!! You’ll hear how it all went down in the video above but it’s one of the most memorable moments of my career.
Prince showed me what it means to be an artist…how to be bold and brazen and yourself.

Today, on his birthday, I wanted to share my performance of “How Come You Don’t Call Me” from my show in New York on April 22.

Prince, thank you for empowering us with your music and showing us the meaning of true freedom. We miss you more than ever.

I love you,