Welcome To The Vault

| From Alicia

Hi Fam,

There’s a big steel fortress at my studio that holds my secret treasure-trove where everything unreleased resides. Music, Live Shows, Video, Blogs and much more that I always wanted to keep but never exactly knew where it could be used.

Many unheard tunes written that have been locked away and protected. Songs, Expressions, Anthems, Poems, Melodies and Lyrics that sparked the legions of ideas that will have a place in my heart forever!.

I used to dream that I would put out an album of B sides or something where I could share them all because even though they didn’t make it to the albums, they all have a place, all have a story. All have something to them that is very necessary…..

I want to reconnect with you I don’t want this busy, fast world to take away our time together I have so much planned and we are going to have a chance to do what we love the MOST; MUSIC!!! Lets do away with everything else and connect See you inside