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Dear Beautiful Fam,

I wanted to reach out to thank you for all that you do! Every day! For all of your love and support to us and our excellence!

I’ve been thinking so much about this Country called America that I live in like many of you probably have been as we witness the unfolding of the decisions and choices around us that can affect us for generations.

It is an amazing time to be alive. It’s also a heartbreaking time to be alive. But either way, you can see the energy that has been sparked to exercise our rights as the people that live in and belong to this country is at an all-time new level of engagement and consciousness.

If I post things about politics, I often see comments suggesting I should “stick to singing.”  That doesn’t make sense because I also live here and what happens effects both me AND my children despite my vocation.

So I think about what kind of country I hope to help create for my children:

I want a country where human rights are important for all people no matter their color, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or any other difference we may have. A place where all, whether male or female, have equal opportunities and equal pay for equal work, and where my sons and all black and brown boys and girls don’t have their life on the line every time they walk out the door or happen to get pulled over by a police officer. A country where people want to put an end to the systemic racism that is so dangerous and prevalent. A place where a great education doesn’t just depend on your economic status, and where you won’t be ostracized or made to live in fear in any capacity just because you were born here but your parents weren’t. A place where healthcare and the policies and laws that protect a women’s body and choice remain intact and are even improved, and where mental health and rehabilitation are more important than the business of prisons.

These are some of the beliefs and practices I hope to help make stronger for our country and our kids, and I will be voting for people that represent these ideals.

I hope you have all taken the time to register to vote. I’m sure you know already how crazy I am about making sure we all vote during midterms on November 6th and that our friends and family are registered, too. 

I know we all may feel different ways about politics (and that’s okay because that’s a beautiful thing about this country). We can keep expressing ourselves and our opinions while still respecting each other. 

And to those that feel that it’s all a game we are not set up to win, I understand why you feel that way, but WE WILL ONLY WIN as long as we stay engaged and work together to get as many honest and forward-thinking people into office. This year, there are more women and people of color running for office than ever before! People are not just sitting on the sidelines, they are getting INVOLVED. We aren’t just complaining, we are taking steps, personally, to make a difference and win back the majority in the House, the Senate and all local elections.

“If you’re not at the table you’re on the menu”  DEEP!!!!!

Let ‘s make sure we have a seat at the table.

The deadline for registering for most places is today, October 9th, so, if you’re not already, please register at or download the Voter Pal app – a super easy way to register yourself and your friends.

VoterPal – Register Today by Voto Latino, Inc.

But there are also a number of cities that registration is still ongoing.

October 10


October 12

New York


North Carolina (up to 11/3 at one-stop early voting sites)

October 13


October 15


October 16




New Jersey


West Virginia

October 17


October 18


October 22



South Dakota

October 26


October 29


October 30 



November 6


District of Columbia







New Hampshire




So please! Ask your friends if they are registered and help them to register if not.

In these last few days,

Let’s make it happen

We all count!

Sending blessings and love