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Alicia introduces Let Me In, releases “Hallelujah”

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What would you do? Where would you go?

Alicia invites us to contemplate the answers to these questions in “Let Me In” – a short film which reimagines the refugee crisis as if it were happening on American soil.

“Let Me In” will be released worldwide on Monday, June 20th in conjunction with World Refugee Day. Presented by Alicia’s cultural movement, We Are Here, and HUMAN, the film’s release will coincide with the launch of a campaign from We Are Here, CARE, Oxfam and War Child to raise awareness and reinvigorate the conversation around the refugee crisis currently affecting millions around the world.

Watch the new official trailer below, and visit or text “Let Me In” to 80077 to get involved and pledge your support.

Alicia’s new song, “Hallelujah,” is featured in the film. Here’s how to listen:

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