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Alicia Releases Short Film, “The Gospel,” Ahead of Album Debut

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Before tomorrow’s debut of her new album HERE, Alicia has released “The Gospel,” a music-driven short-film inspired by the genesis of songs she has written. The story consists of fictional vignettes depicting coming of age in New York City, confronting harsh truths about life, and exploring our universal connectedness as people.

“So many of the songs on HERE are inspired by the streets, the diversity and the raw humanity that brings New York City to life. To me, ‘The Gospel’ is the perfect prelude to HERE and a beautiful way to honor the city that gave birth to my sound and soul in a special way. I hope you enjoy it, fam! Can’t wait for tomorrow! AHHH!”

Filmed in New York City, The Gospel features select tracks off HERE including “The Gospel,” “Pawn It All,” She Don’t Really Care_1 Luv,” “Kill Your Mama” and “Illusion Of Bliss.”

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