Alicia Gets Real with The Talks

| In The News

Alicia spoke with Ana Bogdan of online interview magazine The Talks about the importance of vulnerability, self-expression and navigating the entertainment industry as a female artist.

“We’re going after it. We’re going after what we believe and what we deserve and we’re not taking the back seat anymore,” Alicia said, adding that “this is the time of the woman.”

Alicia also relayed how self-truth and facing imperfection within ourselves and within the world are themes for her forthcoming album.

“What is going on around us in the world is absolutely the majority of the conversation of this album,” she said when asked if the new album is political. “For the first time my album is raw and truthful. We’re all thinking about it more. We’re not okay with just sitting back and letting society or government bodies tell us what’s happening anymore.”

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